Sunday, 12 July 2015

Relieving Stress - My Tips

Hey everyone,

So recently my life has been very stressful and hectic, really a compete nightmare sometimes.   But I've pulled through it and I'm feeling happy and like life is perfect again! Thank the gods!

Here are a few ways that helped to relieve all the negative energy;

Retail Therapy...Because who doesn't love shopping anyway, at least now you have a reason to do it! This always seems to chill me out, shopping either with friends or alone really seems to relax me and keep me happy, even if you don't have tones of money at the time shop anyway, window shopping is free!

Sitting down with a good book and a hot chocolate...Reading is a way to relax and keep the mind calm, its a given fact.   So why not read when your stressed, take your mind off your latest issues and worries and get your head into a good book, with a cuppa of course.

Take a walk...A pretty obvious and self explanatory option, but a  great one none the less.   It really does clear your mind, do it! who cares what the weather is like.

Keep your mind occupied!...Take this how you wish.   Whether you want to be occupied by friends & family, or doing something you it! Never be bored enough to start getting stressed and worried again.

I hope this helps a few of you out there, it has definitely helped me lately when things get too much you have to refocus and don't give up.   Don't forget to leave comments and feel free to contact me on my social media, Thanks everyone.

Love Abbey xxx

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